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Family Photographer in Richmond, Virginia

Choosing the right family photographer in Richmond, Virginia, can feel like a difficult task. Having recently navigated the challenge of selecting a photographer for my own wedding, I've gleaned insights that I'm happy to share. Here are steps to make your search for the perfect family photographer less stressful and more rewarding.

The Photography Style

Identifying your preferred photography style is a crucial first step. If you're unfamiliar with the wonders of Pinterest for gathering inspiration, now's the time to dive in. Search for "family photography photo ideas," create a board, and start pinning images that resonate with you.

Whether your board fills up with dark and moody, light and airy, candid, or posed images will guide your search for a photographer whose style aligns with yours. Instagram is another invaluable resource for exploring a photographer's portfolio and getting a sense of their aesthetic.

Matching Personalities

The importance of choosing a photographer whose personality meshes well with yours and your family's cannot be overstated. This is about more than just photos; it's about creating memories. If you have young children, a photographer who is flexible and patient can make all the difference. A good personality fit ensures a comfortable and enjoyable photography session for everyone involved.

family photographer in rva


Reviewing a potential photographer's portfolio is essential. The quality of their past work offers insight into how they manage sessions and interact with clients. It's important to choose a photographer whose portfolio reflects the type of experience and final product you're looking for.

Quality is a Must-Have

Inquire about the photographer's editing process and how they deliver final images. High-resolution, professionally edited photos are non-negotiable. The delivery method should preserve the quality of these images, ensuring they're print-ready.

family photographer in richmond virginia

The Experience Closes the Deal with a Family Photographer in Richmond Virginia

Lastly, consider the overall experience the photographer offers. From styling consultations to session planning and active engagement during the shoot, the right photographer goes above and beyond to make your session special. Avoid photographers who are disengaged or solely focused on taking pictures without forming a connection.

As a photographer, I blend candid and posed shots to capture the essence of your family's joy and love, offering a comprehensive experience, complete with styling guides, planning consultations, location suggestions, and more, all designed to make your session unforgettable.

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