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A Wedding and Family Photographer, Journalist, Podcast Listener calling Richmond, Va home

Photography, to me, is the art of capturing happiness. My journey began with shooting my cousins' weddings, maternity, and family sessions as a teenager.

These experiences taught me the importance of treating each photo with respect and care, knowing these memories are cherished forever.

During my time in Journalism school, I delved into Photojournalism and video production, learning the roots of photography. Icons like Cartier Bresson and Sebastiao Salgado continue to inspire my approach to wedding and family photography. Their influence is woven into my style, where I strive to preserve your special moments with the same dedication and artistry.

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Candid photos keep the memories alive.

Building a close-knit bond with you is at the heart of my work because your comfort reflects in every frame. Inspired by the legendary Henri Cartier-Bresson's moment-capturing genius (his timeless work is a treasure trove for those who love photography), I bring that same dedication to catching the unguarded joy and the beautiful, quiet corners of your wedding day.

Chasing the golden hour's perfect light, I aim to highlight the delicate details that make your love unique. Selecting me means you're not just choosing a photographer; you're embracing a style that celebrates the candid, the genuine, and the heartfelt. Imagine your wedding day filled with laughter, intimate embraces, and the kind of relaxed fun that makes for the most memorable photos. I'm here to make sure every picture feels like a return to those cherished moments.

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