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Top Wedding Trends for 2024: What's In and What's Timeless

Updated: Feb 8

Wedding season is around the corner and the wedding photography landscape continues to evolve, reflecting the changing tastes and preferences of couples. Couples are getting ready to capture their special day, and they are looking for unique, timeless, and authentic ways to document their love stories. Here are the top trends in wedding photography for a contemporary and timeless coverage.

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Embracing the Authentic: Candid and Unplugged Ceremonies

The move towards authenticity in wedding photography has never been more in evidence. Couples are opting for candid shots that capture the genuine emotions and spontaneous moments of their day. This desire for authenticity extends to the ceremony itself, with many couples choosing to have unplugged weddings (no phones at the ceremony!). This trend encourages guests to be fully present, ensuring the moments are captured through the eyes of the photographer without distractions.

The Charm of Film and Disposable Cameras

The warmth and timeless quality of 35mm are appealing to couples who want their wedding photos to have a classic, enduring look. Alongside, disposable cameras are re-emerging as a fun way for guests to capture candid moments during the reception, adding a personal touch to the wedding album​​.

Wedding Trends for 2024

Intimate Moments: Private Last Dances and Vows

Personal and intimate moments are being prioritized, with trends like the private last dance gaining popularity. This trend allows couples a moment of solitude and reflection before the grand exit, adding a deeply personal touch to the wedding day. Similarly, saying vows in private is a trend on the rise, offering couples a moment of intimacy amidst the day's festivities​​.

True-to-Color Editing

Moving away from heavily filtered and stylized photos, there's a growing preference for true-to-color editing. This trend reflects a desire for wedding photos that are natural, vibrant, and timeless, capturing the day's beauty without the need for overly warm or desaturated tones​​.

Innovative Celebrations: Bubbles, Live Painting, and Day-After Shoots

Couples are looking for unique ways to celebrate and document their love. Bubbles are becoming a favored alternative to traditional sparkler exits, offering a whimsical and safe option for the final farewell. Live wedding painting is another trend gaining traction, providing a unique and artistic memento of the day. Moreover, day-after shoots are increasingly popular, allowing couples to capture additional, relaxed portraits in a different setting, free from the time constraints of the wedding day​​.

What's on the Way Out on Wedding Trends for 2024?

As new trends emerge, others fade away. Hashtags and the garter toss are seeing a decline, reflecting changing social media habits and preferences for more modern traditions. Similarly, the uniformity of bridesmaids' dresses is giving way to more varied and personal styles, allowing bridal parties to express their individuality​​.

For couples tying the knot in 2024, these wedding trends offer a plethora of options to ensure their big day is captured in a way that feels true to their story and style. As preferences shift towards more genuine, intimate, and timeless documentation of weddings, photographers are adapting, offering services and styles that resonate with the clients desires.

Incorporating these trends into your wedding day can significantly impact how your love story is told, making it essential to choose a photographer who understands and excels in these evolving styles. As we look forward to the weddings of 2024, it's clear that the focus is on authenticity, intimacy, and personalization, ensuring that every photo tells a story as unique and timeless as the love it represents.


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