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The Essential Checklist for Couples: Wedding Photography in Virginia

Updated: Feb 13

Welcome to your wedding photography in your journey! Imagine your special day as a beautifully crafted story with each photograph a chapter filled with emotion and love. Imagine months of planning coming to reality on your wedding day. Whether you're in the charming streets of Richmond, the heart of Virginia, or anywhere across the state, this checklist will be your guide to capturing those timeless moments.

The Detail Shots

These initial scenes set the stage for your day. I normally start photographing the weddings by the details, creating a beautiful flat lay, then moving to the getting ready, where the brides get into their dresses, and put their jewelry on.

  • The Dress: You'll want to eternalize your dress in the most beautiful way.

  • Rings and Invitations: Prepare the items for the flat lay a week in advance to ensure nothing is forgotten.

  • Getting Ready: A blend of excitement, beauty, and those precious, quiet moments with yourself and your bridesmaids.

Ceremony Details

This is the time to be completely in the moment, sharing all the love you feel for your spouse. The ceremony coverage is entirely candid, capturing the most beautiful details.

  • Aisle Walk: This is a journey towards a shared future, captured in each step.

  • Vows and Rings: The heart of your ceremony, where promises are made. These moments are the tangible expressions of your commitment. A tip: express your love not only with words but also through the language of your eyes.

  • The Kiss: A celebration of your union, this iconic shot symbolizes the beginning of your life together.

Couples Shots

These moments are the heart of your wedding album and my favorite part of the day. During the couple's portraits, you and your now-spouse will have a little break from the ceremony's frenzy to focus on each other before the reception begins.

  • Capturing Your Connection: These shots are about the unspoken bond you share. It’s the way you look at each other, the subtle touches, and the smiles that speak volumes.

  • Intimate Moments: Whether it's a quiet embrace or a playful laugh, these photos reflect the depth and uniqueness of your relationship.

  • The Scenic Backdrop: Utilize Virginia's diverse landscapes to add a sense of place to your love story, making each photo uniquely yours.

Bridal Party Group Shots

Right after the ceremony, the bridal party portraits, often taken against the picturesque backdrop of Virginia, provide a moment to celebrate and capture the friends and family members who will support your marriage as bridesmaids and groomsmen. These are the people you will forever hold in your heart, and m wedding photography in Virginia ensures that these cherished moments are beautifully preserved.

  • Support and Celebration: Each photo reflects the strong bonds and shared moments that have brought you to this day.

  • Friendship and Fun: Highlighting the fun and camaraderie among your closest friends.

Reception and Party

At the reception, you set the tone for your celebration. Everyone is there to cherish your marriage, and having fun is an essential part of this segment of the wedding day.

  • First Dance: Look at each other, talk, enjoy every second of your favorite song!

  • Cake Cutting: This always gets fun, so don't worry too much about the cake on your face. These are the most cute and spontaneous photos!

  • Celebration: Capturing the energy of your loved ones as they share in your happiness. These photos are about the laughter, the dances, and the spontaneous moments that define your wedding.

Candid Moments for Wedding Photography in Virginia

  • Your Traditions: These shots capture the essence of your heritage and the personal touches that make your wedding unique.

  • Spontaneous Joy: The candid laughs, the tears of happiness, the unexpected moments – these are the unscripted parts of your day that will remind you of the genuine joy and love that surrounded you.

And so, your photography checklist is complete (I have a much longer list in my Bridal Guide). A great photography coverage brings your story to life. Make your list, ensuring your wedding album is as unique and heartfelt as your love.


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