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Why Photographers for Wedding Love The Virginia State Capitol [Engagement Session]

Right in the heart of Downtown Richmond, the Virginia Capitol provided the perfect backdrop for a session that was doubly special. As a photographer for weddings and engagements, I had the privilege of capturing a day filled with love, surprises, and the promise of new beginnings. The first promise I made to Rita and Ahmed was that within the first 10 minutes of our session, they would feel warmed up, and after that, they would be ready to become models. They laughed, but when my promise became a reality, we were all just having fun and capturing their engagement photography session.

Engagement + Surprise Pregnancy Announcement

My couple had chosen this location for their engagement photos but also to make a pregnancy announcement. As a photographer specializing in engagement photography, I'm used to witnessing beautiful moments. Yet, this session was touching. I just can't wait to see all the comments when they post the images on Instagram and Facebook.

Virginia Capitol in Downtown Richmond: A Favorite for Photographers for Weddings

Richmond, Virginia, has always been a favorite for couples looking to capture their special moments, especially downtown. The Virginia Capitol, with its majestic architecture and serene gardens, is one of the favorite places for photographers for wedding to shoot engagement sessions. The place presents a scene right out of a fairy tale. If you are looking for a light and airy style of pictures, the Virginia Capitol offers the perfect setting for your photos!

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