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Newborn photography: the lifestyle session!

One of my favorite moments to photograph is the Lifestyle Newborn Session. This is different from studio newborn because it includes the family, the environment, the love. Here are the reasons why I absolutely love it!

Baby's favorite place: at home

Throughout the years I've chosen to photograph babies at home because they are in their natural habitat. They are relaxed during the newborn session when they feel safe. Is there better place than home?

Preserving the family's memories

The photos will make the baby and the family remind how the nursery was, the feelings with him/her arrival, the blessing of having a newborn at home.

Time really counts!

When photographing a newborn the word "rush" doesn't exist. We never know how many times the baby will be hungry, sleepy or just even not in the mood. That's why, as a photographer, I just prefer taking my time during the newborn lifestyle session to just let the baby feel comfy.

Family present: the most beautiful moment!

I don't even have to mention that my favorite thing about the newborn lifestyle session is to have the family all together enjoying the moment, do I? It's as simple as that: you will love to hang these timeless images of the big brother holding his little brother.

It's priceless!

You can see for yourself how priceless these moments are. How adorable is to look at the images after years and feel happy to have the memory frozen. Those tiny little feet!

Book your date to experience!

I always recommend booking your newborn session one or two weeks after the baby is born. It's a magical moment of discoveries, love and challenges. It's storytelling life in pictures!


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