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From Booking to Delivery: My Photography Process Explained

Hey guys! The post today is a little different but so necessary. Many of you have asked me about how my family photography process works and I decided it would be easy to have it right here!

Munhoz Photography: Richmond, VA

Either if you found me on Google, Instagram, Yelp, or was referred by a friend, first thing I highly recommend you to take a look at my website here. I'm a Richmond, VA, based wedding & family photographer and there on my page you will see my portfolio, understand my style and also get to know who I'm on the About Me page.

First contact: shoot me a message!

I'm looking forward for your first message. I will respond as soon as possible to your email or message on my social media. It takes at MOST 24 hours. I normally respond within a few hours but we never know how crazy our day can be. haha!

Investment Guide

After the first contact you will receive my Investment Guide, a small book I made for you to get deep into the Munhoz Photography process where you will find the photography packages I'm offering now, clients testimonials and how everything works.

Booking your date!

Once you've seen and chosen the ideal package for your session - and I can help you with it! - we now can book your date. You will have access to my calendar availability to choose the best day and time that work for both of us! Once you've settled your date you will receive my agreement and deposit invoice to officially hold your spot.

Starting the Process

- Questionnaire

Spot held and confirmed it's time to start drawing our session. Next thing you will receive it's a questionnaire that is essential for me to get to know you and your family. The questionnaire only takes a few minutes and it's also a way for you decide a few things about your photography session.

- Inspiration board

Now that I received your answers I'll create a Mood Board on Pinterest where we will add inspirations regarding to color scheme, posing, location, everything that inspires us to have on our session.

- Styling Guide

Another GAME CHANGER is my styling guide. All my clients love to have access to the file so they know exactly where to start planning outfits. I give all the golden nuggets about color scheme, best fabric, how to create outfits that complement each other, makeup and much more!

Building our Session!

The process before the big day will include consultation on outfits, location, style and that's a great way for us to get closer and build a relationship throughout the weeks prior the session. So on the actual day it does feel like we know each other forever and I'm not a total stranger anymore.

The Session Day!

The day before you will receive an email with tips on how to prepare the kids, the husband (sometimes they need to be prepared hahaha) for the session. On the actual day you don't have to worry about anything other than enjoying the time with your family! I'll guide you guys all the session as we already know how we like every detail of it. Just Enjoy!

Sneak Peeks

You will receive sneak peeks of your session around 48 to 72 hour after shooting. I like to pick some cute, fun and special examples to edit and send over to you so you know how many more amazing pictures are to come in the full gallery!

Editing time!

I normally pre-edit all the photos of our session (I exclude duplicates, out of focus) and send you a link where you can favorite the ones you like to be in your final gallery. Each of my photography package includes a certain amount of professionally edited images. In case you completely fall in love with the full gallery you can also purchase it.

Final editing

Once you have chosen your favorites I'll dive into editing them in detail.

Final gallery

All the images professionally edited, now it's time to send the gallery over to you!

Downloading the files

The final gallery is delivered online and in high resolution. You will be able to download all the images to your phone or computer and make a backup or them. ALWAYS do a backup. Better play safe, right?

My eternal gratitude

Now that you have your photos delivered I'll be more than happy to help you print them or even to make an album of your memories. Also, this time is when I'm forever grateful for you have chosen me in so many amazing photographers out there and to have my art all over your house and your memories!


thank you!!!


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