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The Poe Museum in RVA: An Intimate Wedding Venue

When it comes to choosing a wedding venue in Richmond, VA, couples are spoilt for choice. But for those who are looking for something truly intimate, The Poe Museum in downtown Richmond offers an inforgettable experience. I had the absolute pleasure of capturing Kat&Jordon's special day at this very venue, and the experience was nothing short of special.

The Poe Museum is a tribute to the legendary Edgar Allan Poe. The venue showcases his works, with a garden-style ambiance that takes you out of the hustle of modern life and into a calm, timeless space right at Main Street. If you haven't visited yet, I highly recommend it!

My first experience with the museum was at another wedding (that I was a guest), and I was instantly taken by its magical garden and the quiet atmosphere it offered. As soon as Kat&Jordon hired me to photograph their intimate wedding, and I found myself back in this mystical place, I couldn't be happier!

Kat&Jordon’s wedding was beautifully laid-back, intimate, with a touch of geekiness that made it all the more memorable. The couple’s shared love for literature made The Poe Museum the perfect backdrop for their wedding. The garden was dressed in an array of books, blooms, and antique details, curated by the guests themselves.

As the ceremony unfolded, I was transported back to my college days in Brazil, where literature classes filled my imagination. The museum brought those memories to life, allowing me to connect with the space not just as a photographer, but also as a journalist with a deep appreciation for storytelling.

For those dreaming of a garden-style wedding that combines the elegance of literature with the charm of nature, The Poe Museum in RVA is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered.

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