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What to wear for Maternity Photography

One of the biggest pain points when planning a photography session is choosing the outfits. I know this can be overwhelming, specially if you're dressing a family for the pictures. But it doesn't need to be stressing anymore. I'm here to help you with some tips to dress for your Maternity session!

Fluttering outfits are the key!

At this point you already know I as a maternity photographer have shoot candid so I always recommend my clients to go on the fluttering dress, skirt way. They will not only give you the freedom to play with silhouette but will add life and grace to your pictures! This would be your main outfit, but a change of clothing as jeans are also an option for secondary outfit.

- I normally recommend longer dresses/skirts, from midi to maxi length. It's classy and romantic at the same time!

- a dress that has a top a tighter than the bottom, marking above the belly.

- flare skirt/dress that will allow you to use hands under the belly to shape it beautifully. Also, flare bottoms will always add movement to the scene in a flawy way.

"What color should I pick?"

Depending on the season you're shooting at we have totally different color palettes to go with. Last fall in Richmond VA, for example, was the earth tones and muted colors. Everything in between the light to medium shades or muted colors worked out amazingly.

Keep in mind that we are there to show off your beautiful bump so the colors that make your belly pop up the most are the right ones. I would go miles away from bright neon colors, as of white. Instead you could choose ivory, beige, off-white.

Don't go matchy-matchy.

I know in the past to match outfits with kids and partner would be called cool but nowadays the compositions are more towards being harmonic as far as colors, prints, and textures.

Here is a chart I made for group of colors that work together so you can think the outfits.

I also offer in my photography packages a style guide with ALL my tips & tricks on how to style for your session. It will be one of the most fun parts of out journey together!


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