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The Hive Wedding Collective: Exceptional Wedding Planners for Your Dream Day

Updated: Jun 3

When it comes to planning the perfect wedding, having a dedicated, experienced, and creative team by your side is crucial and stress-relieving. As a wedding photographer, I love working with vendors who make my couples' day unforgettable. This is where The Hive Wedding Collective shines, with their five-star reviews and a range of services catering to modern, multicultural, and luxury weddings.

The Hive Wedding Collective Experience

Founded by Christine Haines Greenberg, The Hive Wedding Collective started as a heartfelt venture born from personal experiences and a deep passion for wedding planning. Christine's journey began in 2011, and through her dedication, the team has grown into a diverse group of talented planners, including Ciera Pope, Heather Clarke, Lindsay Force, Anne Michelle Forbes, and Aris Kelly​ (Hive Wed. Co.)​​.

Services and Packages

The Hive offers a variety of packages tailored to meet different planning needs:

  1. Full Planning - Starting from $10,000, this package is ideal for couples who want comprehensive support from start to finish. It includes access to exclusive planning software, vendor matchmaking, and month-by-month guidance.

  2. Guided Planning + Design - Starting from $7,500, this package begins 6-9 months before the wedding date and is perfect for couples who have made some big decisions but need help translating their vision into reality. The Hive's planners will assist with vendor recommendations and final touches to ensure a cohesive and stunning event.

  3. Event Management - Starting from $4,000, this package provides in-depth support 60-90 days before the wedding, ensuring all details are buttoned up for the big day. This includes a comprehensive on-boarding meeting, vendor coordination, and on-site management on the wedding day.

  4. South Asian Weddings - With packages starting from $7,500, The Hive specializes in planning and designing South Asian wedding weekends, respecting the cultural traditions and complexities involved.

  5. A La Carte Options - For those needing specific services, The Hive offers venue scouting, wedding day attendants, and content creation packages. These options provide flexibility for couples who may not need full planning services but still want professional guidance for certain aspects of their wedding​ (Hive Wed. Co.)​​.

What are the Couples Saying?

Clients of The Hive Wedding Collective consistently praise their planners for their professionalism, creativity, and ability to bring their wedding visions to life. From detailed planning sessions to day-of coordination, The Hive ensures every aspect of the wedding is meticulously managed. Clients appreciate the team's ability to handle logistical complexities with ease, allowing them to enjoy their special day without stress​ (Hive Wed. Co.)​.


"I'm a lifelong control freak and somehow Ciera got me to trust her entirely. Whenever we talked or met with her she was professional, organized, and timely. Her experience and relationships within the wedding industry go a long way, she introduced us to fabulous vendors we may have never found on our own. She made the process fun and low stress. Something I really appreciate about Ciera is she has your back. She will honor your vision but she will also let you know when something is unnecessary or if there’s a better option. Our wedding exceeded our expectations in every possible way."

Ainsley J.


Why Choose The Hive as your Wedding Planners?

The Hive Wedding Collective is about creating experiences that reflect the personalities and love stories of each couple, and that is why I love their work. Their progressive and inclusive approach ensures that all love stories are celebrated with the respect and attention they deserve. With a team that combines type-A organizational skills with creative flair, The Hive is dedicated to making your wedding day unforgettable.

For more information about their services and to start planning your dream wedding, visit The Hive Wedding Collective.

Photography: Nikki Daskalakis Photography: Ashley P. Cox

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