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Sunlit Serenity: A Fall Wedding in Virginia

As a Virginia-based wedding photographer, I believe there’s no better time for a wedding than fall. From mid-September to mid-November, the weather is ideally suited for outdoor ceremonies, and the changing leaves provide a stunning backdrop. Rafa and Victor’s October wedding epitomized this perfect setting. The day boasted clear blue skies and a sunset that magically complemented their chosen color scheme for the wedding day.

Rafa & Victor, a young couple brimming with faith, presented a day filled with joy and celebration. Capturing the moments with Victor and his groomsmen was a breeze; their excitement and happiness for Victor added a special warmth to the occasion. Completing the groom’s details took no more than 30 minutes, after which I moved on to capture Rafa’s preparations at a picturesque location in Glen Allen, Virginia.

The bridal suite was alive with activity, with bridesmaids and flower girls preparing together. I found Rafa applying her makeup calmly in a corner of the room. This serene moment provided the perfect opportunity to photograph the bridal details—the dress, the flat lay, the bride finalizing her makeup, and stepping into her gown. The convenience of everyone getting ready at the same location, where both the ceremony and reception were to be held, significantly optimized our time.

The wedding day unfolded seamlessly. The ceremony, officiated by their pastor, was deeply touching, and the bridal party portraits were filled with laughter and fun. This fall wedding in Virginia will be a cherished memory for years. My top advice for couples planning a fall wedding: schedule your ceremony outdoors two hours before sunset to capture the magical glow of golden hour amidst the trees.

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