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The Candid Style in Photography

When it comes to the session day one of the most asked questions is "will you guide us as far as posing?". And, fortunately, is one of the questions I most like to answer! So let's jump on into my photography style - the Candid style.

Family photography session at Pocahontas State Park, Richmond

What does this Candid thing mean?

Over the last few years Photography have been experiencing many different styles and one of that outliers from the crowd is the Candid, which means basically register the moment, the raw, the pure side of the experience. It's kind of a photojournalism for me where I can basically freeze a laugh - as you can see on the picture above, as a decisive moment.

I, personally, am deeply inspired by the work of Cartier Bresson who is for me THE name on photojournalism. His images speak for themselves, they are unique and timeless. That is exactly the path I wanted to walk while building up my photography style, specially how my clients look for me knowing my style is lay back and natural.

Do we need to prep for the session?

There are a few things I always look forward when prepping for family photography session, couples engagement, or even at weddings:

1) The more we know each other the better the connection!

Yes, we will chat a lot to make decisions, to build up the session, to choose outfits and for the sake of just chatting. haha

I feel the more I know my clients the more comfortable we will feel at the session. My approach has always been friendly and our main goal is to have some fun!

2) We will get the Holiday Card photos and get it going!

The way I discover to be an ice breaker on the session is that first family/couple posey photos for Holiday Cards. That's mainly the only moment when everyone will be looking at the camera and giving me the best smile ever.

3) Candid is the opposite of modeling for a magazine so, don't worry.

All my clients know me for the photography experience I provide and the guiding them as fas as what to do is the job I love. I mean, it's time to be relaxed, enjoy your children, your spouse and that unique moment will be register with all my love. Remember, the connection between you and your family is over any posing and that's what I wanna get.

4) Let the kids be your guide, they do it naturally.

I had one of my mommas once saying "I would love our child to be the star and he will guide us" - and that was the best thing we did for that session. The little boy was born to be in a candid session. haha We got lots of cuddling, laughs, hugs and hide&seek.

What to expect?

You could expect a fun experience from beginning to end because the photography session is the moment to cherish love, God's blessings. I'll be there to register moments you will put on your wall or on an album to always revisit. I call it freezing memories and everything I've learned and practiced in photography was to be able to capture what is pure and unique.

The session is your time to relax and one of the tips I always give to my clients: kids happy

= successful session. We will make the best of it, for sure!

Check out The Guerreros family photography session at Pocahontas State Park, in Richmond VA. That was a beautiful fall-y day and I couldn't be happier!

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