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10 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Newborn Photos

Welcoming a new baby into the world is a huge step in a family's life— and capturing a newborn lifestyle photography session during his first few days is essential for many families. But to make your photos as magical as this time is, prepare your home with the following ten easy tips to make sure your shoot is as nice and smooth as those sleepy baby smiles.

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Why Prepping Matters for Newborn Photos

A well-prepared space looks great in pictures and creates a calm atmosphere for you and your baby. We have to consider that babies are unpredictable - so why not make everything as smooth as possible?

10 Essential Tips:

Maximize Natural Light

Tip 1: Scout your home for the best-lit spots. Large windows or spaces where daylight floods in are perfect. Tip 2: Timing is everything. Schedule your session when your home is brightest, usually mid-morning or late afternoon.

Declutter for Simplicity

Tip 3: Tidy up the areas where you'll be shooting. A clean space lets the focus stay on your family's interactions. Tip 4: Choose a simple backdrop. A neutral wall or a non-distracting environment helps keep the attention on your newborn's tiny features.

Warm and Comfortable Settings

Tip 5: Crank up the thermostat a bit. Newborns are used to a cozy womb, so a warm room will keep them comfortable. Tip 6: Soft blankets and clothing can add texture and warmth to your photos. Think gentle hues and cozy fabrics.

Personalize Your Space

Tip 7: Incorporate elements that mean something to you, like a family quilt or a favorite children's book. Tip 8: Consider using the nursery or a room where you feel most connected. The cozyness can add an extra layer of intimacy to your photos.

Plan Your Outfits

Tip 9: Dress in soft, coordinating colors. Comfort is key, so choose outfits that feel good to wear. Tip 10: Stay away from loud patterns or logos. Solid colors or subtle prints work best to keep the focus on your family's faces and expressions.

Getting Ready

The day before your session, go through a quick checklist: make sure the rooms you'll use are tidy, lay out the outfits, and think about any last-minute touches that will make the space feel special. Right before I arrive, make sure your baby is fed, changed, and ready for their close-up.

Preparing your home for a newborn lifestyle session doesn't have to be overwhelming. Remember, the focus is on the love you share as a new family. Everything else is just background!

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